ETUDES 60-Day Reminder: Annual Purging & Archiving of Old Sites

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On July 4, 2015, Etudes will conduct their routine archiving and purging of old course sites.

Purging inactive course sites helps maintain a manageable database size, to ensure speed and performance, as well as a cost containment measure in the amount of storage needed. It also keeps the list of sites for instructors to a manageable size.

Summary of Policy
As per our data retention policy, a year and a half of course sites are available ‘live’ on at any given time, with student data. Two additional years are available in archives. Archived courses do NOT include student records. Content from archived course sites can be retrieved via ‘import from site’ >> Import from Archives.

The data retention policy does NOT apply to development sites, project sites, or My Resources. These always remain ‘live’.

What will we do on July 4?

  • Keep all of 2014 and 2015 sites “live” on, including student records.
  • Archive all 2013 sites. [2012 sites were archived last year and will remain in archives for another year].
  • Purge 2013 live sites. They will no longer be accessible, but you will be able to import their content for a year.
  • Purge 2011 sites from archives. 2011 sites will no longer be available in any form.

How can you preserve the content of a course site from 2011 that’s scheduled to be purged?

If a course is older than three and a half years and is scheduled to be purged in July, you can request a development site and import its content into it to preserve it permanently. Dev Site Request:

How can you back up student records from old course sites before they get archived?

If you would like to retain student grades, course activity, or assignment submissions from old term sites, you can download the relevant spreadsheet reports from the Gradebook, Activity Meter, and AT&S.

For more information on the Etudes Data Retention Policy, please see:


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