Great Tips to Makeover your Online Etudes Course Site #6

6. Add a “Fake” Student


It’s important and informative to look at your course site from your students’ perspective. It’s also a great way to see if your site is set up correctly.

Click on your roster in the bottom left corner then click Add. Enter an email address THAT’S NOT THE SAME AS THE EMAIL YOU HAVE ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR ETUDES ACCOUNT then click the Add button at the bottom. This is very important. Check your email inbox for log in info.

Sign into Etudes as your fake student and look around the site. Does your coursemap look neatly organized? Are all of your quizzes showing up? Check out the syllabus and the homepage. Make a note of anything that is missing or needs to be tweaked then log in as an instructor and make the fixes. You’re reaching Etudes superstar status!


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