Ridding Your Screen of Internet Detritus with Evernote Clearly

Everyone can relate to this, you click on a link to an interesting article only to find it cluttered with so many ads and junk that you just want to surf the other way.

Maybe you want to share the article with your students, but worry that they may succumb to the temptations of the surrounding click-bait and get lost down an internet rabbit hole never to return.

Worry no longer! Evernote Clearly is a FREE web browser add-on that filters out the junk, leaving only the article you want in a serene, uncluttered oasis. It’s like a fancy spa treatment for your eyes.

Before and After – Which article would you prefer your students read?

Once installed, just click the little lamp icon next to your browser address bar and like magic all of the distractions disappear.  It also has a print function so you can save articles as pdfs and safely share them with your students.

Take a stand and banish the spam!


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