Call for Proposals – Etudes Summit

etudesEtudes Summit – Call for Proposals

The Etudes Summit is a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge, experiences and lessons learned with your colleagues in the Etudes community. The event is all about YOU – your success stories and your work with students.

Don’t wait! Submit your proposal today!

Deadline for proposals:  Sunday, July 12, 2015 (midnight)

Some ideas on themes for proposals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Technology Innovation – Creative use of Etudes, social media, mobile devices and other software to support student learning (not limited to online teaching. Uses of Etudes and other technologies to support traditional instruction are also encouraged, as this is an area of growth and interest).
  • Student Retention & Success – What practices, techniques, methodology, or tools do you use systematically to engage learners with the subject matter, you, and each other, and for improving your retention and student success?
  • Testing & Assessment Techniques – How do you assess, measure and evaluate your students’ learning? What approaches, rubrics,  tools, and features do you rely on? Share your success stories, challenges and findings.
  • Tool demos – Showcase how you have integrated external technologies successfully with Etudes.
  • Round tables. Facilitate a round table discussion on a topic of interest. Ideal for the exchange of ideas across colleges and programs.
  • Ensuring Quality in Distance Education  – How do you ensure a quality online program? Issues in this track include processes for course and program evaluations, DE policies for ensuring quality instruction, academic honesty, student support, and strategies for addressing and meeting state and federal regulations.
  • Support Services & Resources – Student Services, Instructional Design and Faculty Services, and other Teaching/Learning Resources.
  •  Universal Access – Accessibility, learning styles, etc.

Got something else to share? What are you waiting for? Get your proposal in today.

Presenters will be notified by July 25.


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