10 Time Management Mistakes Online Students Make

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Sticking to a schedule is the first step to staying out of trouble, experts say.

By Devon Haynie July 15, 2014 | 10:00 a.m. EDT + More

Mistake 1: Keeping Family Out of the Loop


Before starting an online program, students should sit down with their family and explain that they will need time and space to do their school work – and maybe even a little help with chores, Jennifer Fraone, associate director of marketing and communications at the Boston College Center for Work & Family, told U.S. News.

Mistake 2: Not Sticking to a Schedule


Online students who don’t designate specific times to do their school work – be it at night, during the morning or over the weekend – are setting themselves up for failure, experts say.

Online students need structure, and a study calendar is a great way to create it, Christina Robinson Grochett, who at the time served as University of Phoenix‘s territory vice president for the Gulf Coast, told U.S. News for a 2012 article.

Mistake 3: Waiting Until the Last Minute


Waiting until the last moment to start a project or assignment is one of the biggest time management no-no’s, experts say. The same goes for reaching out to instructors.

“Don’t wait until after 10 p.m. at night to send your teacher an email,” said Twitter user Dr. T (Ph.D.).

Mistake 4: Wasting Time Online


One way to maximize your time is to only keep necessary tabs open while you’re on the computer, @PenroseTutoring told U.S. News via Twitter.

In other words, the more time students spend on Facebook or shopping online, the less time they spend getting ​work done.

Mistake 5: Not Logging into Class Often


Although it can be tempting to go days without logging in to class, doing so can help keep you on track.

Checking into class daily makes school feel less overwhelming, and it prevents students from missing syllabus changes, Tamara Popovich told U.S. News for a 2012 article, when she was associate director of student services for ASU Online.

Mistake 6: Keeping Quiet When Behind


At some point in your online education, the odds are something will happen in your personal or work life that will put you behind in school.

When this happens, students should tell their online instructors, who are often willing to work with students with scheduling problems, Sonya Raikar told U.S. News while pursuing an online Master of Public Health at George Washington University.

Mistake 7: Failing to Maximize Extra Time


Online students balancing work, family and school commitments should seize every moment to get ahead with their studies, experts say.

It’s a mistake not to see time spent waiting for the doctor or waiting in the car for kids as study opportunities.

Mistake 8: Working in a Distracting Environment


Online students should try to limit distractions so they can spend more time on their studies, experts say. That means finding a quiet, isolated place to do work.

Mistake 9: Not Writing Down Due Dates


One of the keys to being a successful online student is to keep a calendar with all deadlines, experts say.

Patsy Deyo, who received her online Master of Science in nursing at George Washington University, told U.S. News being organized will help you stay on task.

Mistake 10: Not Prioritizing Your School Work


Although it’s tempting to work out or spend time with friends, online courses should be a priority when students have free time, experts say.

Mandee Parker, who took an online statistics course at Graduate School USA, told U.S. News she would place her books in key places around the house to make sure her school work was a No. 1 concern.

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