NetTutor now available at West!

nettutor-logoWest now has a license to add NetTutor to all online/hybrid classes! With one click your students will have access to 24/7 help from live tutors in a variety of subjects. If you want to enable NetTutor contact Cyrus Helf at

Currently they offer Accounting, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Child Growth and Development, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Economics, English and Literature, Finance, French, Geology, German, History, Human Geography, Italian, Math (Calculus and Above), Math (through Precalculus), Nursing and Allied Health, Paper Center and Live Writing Tutor, Philosophy, Physical Geography, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and Statistics.

From the NetTutor website –

The use of NetTutor will allow faculty to be more responsive to students’ academic needs. The tutoring pedagogy NetTutor implements is designed to actively engage students in the learning process, require students to think critically, and develop the skills necessary for continued persistence.

• NetTutor is seamlessly integrated within the learning management system, which allows students to access the service with single-sign-on functionality.
• All NetTutor tutors are U.S. educated, trained tutors with prior teaching and/or tutoring experience and perform online tutoring services from a single U.S.-based facility.
• All NetTutor tutors are full-time employees.
• NetTutor staff use the same learning materials as students to provide support that is tailored to their needs.
• NetTutor tutors are available to assist students 24/7/365.
• The NetTutor Director works with each client to co-create the “rules of engagement” (ROE), which outlines how the tutors will interact with students. In this way, faculty has the opportunity to customize NetTutor to ensure it will help students succeed.
• The NetTutor whiteboard interface (the WorldWideWhiteboard®) contains a broader set of subject-specific symbols and tools than that used by any other online tutoring service.
• NetTutor provides online tutoring expertise in the most subject areas, including Information Technology, Nursing Programs, and Allied Health.


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