Fantastic Canvas Course on!

In my previous post I raved about how great is and how wonderful that all CA Community College workers now have free access to this fabulous learning resource. Well, the hippie love fest continues as I see that they’ve recently added an amazing course on using Canvas.

Learn Canvas 2018 is a 2 hour course taught by Oliver Schinkten that covers all of the basics. About Oliver… “He is an expert in learning and teaching, specializing in supporting educators as they work to empower their students.” – bio

Even if you are familiar with Canvas there’s a lot you can learn in this course including creating rubrics, adjusting grading schemes and the ins and outs of group discussions. I highly recommend it.

As with all courses, you can skip around to the parts you need if you do not wish to view the entire course sequentially.

If you don’t have your free account yet, you can read my previous blog post or watch this video that shows the short registration process.





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