Reaching Students from the Inside Out!

Dear Instructor:

Thank you in advance for all the hard work you are doing with and for our students. As we approach the holidays we are concerned about our students who typically drop around this time during the course of the term. Having said that, we would like to provide students with Extra Support during this time. We call our effort “reaching students from the inside out!”

1.      We would also ask that you provide us with names of students that may be of “concern to you” and needing additional support that we can contact, email with the students name and 88 number.

2.      Please allow our Student Advocates/ Coaches time to speak to your students, we promise the sharing will not exceed 10 minutes. If you would like for us to visit please let us know in the email.

We plan to:

a.      Share resource websites for food, homelessness, mental health

b.      Share on campus resources for academic support

c.      Share de-stress mindful / mediation strategies

d.      Share opportunities for counseling support

We appreciate your assistance with reaching-in to our students!

Dr. Patricia Banday

Student Success and Support Program



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