How do I open this *$#%! file???


It happens every semester. A student or two submits a paper ending in .pages or .wps or some other cryptic file format that you’ve never seen before. You try opening it and your computer gives you some “not supported file type” message. You google for an answer and are hit with a million how to’s that seem more complicated than a Rubik’s cube.

Stop the unsupported file type madness I say!

There’s a great little website I’ve discovered called Cloud Convert to help you do just that.

This nifty tool lets you “convert anything into anything” with just a couple clicks. The website boasts that it supports 215 file types (as of this posting) so good luck trying to “stump” it.

A befuddled instructor just sent me a document that a student created on some software that was discontinued a decade ago. I uploaded it to cloud convert and within seconds it spit it out as a shiny new, easily openable pdf file.

The best part about this website is that there is no membership to sign up for or conversion software to download, it all takes place in the cloud. And it’s not just documents, the website can convert images, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, archived files and many more.

Here’s a little demo video I made for just for you…

Enjoy converting those files!


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