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We’re here to highlight the wonderful work educators, like you, are doing at your institution. Each week we select a standout, top notch, lessons from SoftChalk Share and feature it across our social media platforms.

These lessons are interactive, engaging and cover a wide variety of subjects. Through these, you can see the endless possibilities SoftChalk has to offer and learn something new in the process.

Simply click the title of the lesson or picture to view it in its entirety. If you like it, share it!


Anna Grau
DePaul University
The objectives of this lesson are to be able to distinguish between the various citation styles, format Chicago-style bibliography citations and to format Chicago-style footnotes.


Doug Mossengren

Van Buren High School

In this lesson, students learn about different species concepts including ecological, evolutionary and phylogenetic. They also learn about the issues with the various concepts and why we don’t know the exact number of species.

Wendy Arch
Indianola High School
This lesson discusses how authors use figurative language to reveal the hidden meanings embedded in the words and phrases used to write their stories. Students learn to define and identify examples of similes, metaphors, personification, imagery, and symbolism.


Rachel Dorn
Yakima Valley College

This lesson serves as an overview of the organization for an ART 150 class, including individual and planning assignments, project requirements and due dates, creative problems, and project ideas.

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