Support the Queer and Allies club – Order your West PRIDE t-shirt now!

Dear colleagues and friends,

One of the issues that the QnA club has identified for LGBTQ+ students on campus is that West is not currently a clearly visibly Q+-friendly place. While we are working on this issue on more than one front, we think that a fun and easy way to make West more visibly welcoming of Q+ students is to join forces with West Wednesdays. Perhaps you’d like to show both your West pride AND your West PRIDE on Wednesdays! If so, please allow me to introduce you to your new West PRIDE t-shirt!


Click the link above to see the PR office-designed logo (thank you, Michelle Long-Coffee and Clarissa Castellanos) on 3 different t-shirt styles. To change shirt style, scroll down just a tad to see three clickable black shirts lined up at the bottom left of the design window. For sizing info, with your preferred t-shirt style selected, scroll down a bit more and click the “View Sizing Lineup” link, which provides pictures of non-representative samples of humans (and their specs) in shirts as well as actual shirt measurements. Shirts will be priced at $20 (pay on pick-up). Once out-of-pocket costs are recouped, funds will go toward the general operating budget of the QnA club to support campus-wide, queer-and-allies-friendly activities. If $20 is a financial hardship for you but you’d like to show your West PRIDE, please contact me, and I will make arrangements for you to get a shirt. We’re much less concerned about profits than we are about creating a visibly Q+ friendly campus environment, and we welcome all the support we can get!

To place your t-shirt order, provide your contact info and shirt style and size choice in this survey by Sep 20, 5pm.

Thank you in advance for your support and for showing our students that West is a safe and welcoming space!

(P.S. – Please pass this message around to all of your friends on campus and talk up the new West PRIDE gear! I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know *everyone* at West just yet, and I didn’t presume to cold-email people with this.)


Stephanie Meredith, Tim Welch, and the QnA club


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