Seats available in “Introduction to Teaching Online and Hybrid Classes”

Fully online class from April 6th – May 1st, 2020!

Transitioning from teaching in the classroom to online can be challenging.

Making the transition without understanding the unique online learning environment can result in a passive learning experience for students and leave instructors feeling inadequate.

This class examines how to design and teach an effective online course that is anchored in student-centered learning and organized around clearly articulated policies, procedures, expectations, and learning objectives.

Topics include:

  • Developing quality course content
  • Creating engaging online discussions
  • Designing authentic online
    assessment strategies.
  • Examining approaches to teaching

These effective practices have been integrated into
the design of this fully online course enabling you to
develop your own style and approach to teaching

To enroll please contact Ashley Jerro at (310) 287-4305 or email

Jim Marteney

Jim Marteney, experienced online instructor, Canvas certification & online pedagogy trainer will facilitate these courses.


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