More Zoom Canvas Updates

Recently there have been multiple updates to the Zoom product. In order to keep our TechConnect Zoom (ConferZoom) LTI users informed of these changes, we will be sending emails to you as needed highlighting the most relevant information.

For the week of April 8-16, 2020

  • When a meeting is launched from within Canvas, it has already passed security steps thus hosts (faculty) as well as students will not need to enter a password again.
    Explanation: In order for an instructor to start a meeting from within Canvas, that instructor has already had to log in to Canvas with  their password. That encrypted password has been transparently passed along to Zoom alleviating the need for additional authentication. The same logic is applied to a student attending a meeting from within a Canvas environment  -the student has already logged in with a password to access the class, been authenticated, and will not need to re-authenticate when joining a Zoom meeting from within Canvas.
  • Host can now enable and manage the Waiting Room feature from within the “ConferZoom” integration in Canvas.
  • Schedule your meeting directly from TechConnect Zoom (ConferZoom) app or website (not from within Canvas). Doing so will allow you to access and utilize security tools – Here’s How.
  • Zoom has enhanced password capabilities for further security – April 14, 2020

Please note:
During the past week during peak usage periods, some faculty experienced a slower response when connecting to “ConferZoom” from within Canvas. This was due to the high volume of traffic caused by the exponential and sudden increase in usage. An upgrade to the server was performed on April 16 to improve performance. To enhance performance even further, TechConnect will be moving college accounts to a subaccount starting in June. This move will not only improve performance but will allow colleges to manage the TechConnect Zoom application and run specialized reports. Our support department will contact colleges in May to schedule this move.

Please visit our Support Desk for additional resources, or contact us at with questions.

Thank you,
CCC TechConnect Team


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