$5,000 Grant Opportunity for faculty teaching in technical fields (e.g., Computer Science, Instructional Technology, others) focused on Accessibility

From the OER liaison:

I thought I would share an opportunity that has just opened up for faculty teaching in technical fields (e.g., Computer Science, Instructional Technology, others) to compete for $5,000. The folks at Teach Access just announced that they will be offering another round of the Teach Access Faculty Grants this year! All information can be found on the Faculty Grants page.

For any of you who do not know about Teach Access, it is a group formed between tech industry who were sick and tired that they were not getting university graduates that came to them with knowledge and skills in digital accessibility for those with disabilities, and higher education entities, who struggle to convince faculties to teach that content.

To accelerate the creation and delivery of accessibility-infused college curricula, they will be providing direct awards to full-time, part-time, adjunct faculty, or instructional staff at US-based institutions of higher education (community colleges or four-year universities). Awards of $5,000 each will be given to faculty to develop modules, presentations, exercises or curriculum enhancements or changes that introduce the fundamental concepts and skills of accessible design and development into their existing courses.

The funds can be used however they are most helpful, to augment summer salary, to help secure a graduate assistant, to conduct travel (ha, like that will happen soon).  It is a very nice way to acknowledge the work of faculty who will embed accessibility as a subject in their curriculum (NOT a separate class ON accessibility).

The application form will be open from April 27 to June 1. This form is at the bottom of the Faculty Grants page.


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