Wayfinding Online: Navigating the Virtual Landscape Together: Block Schedule May 4-7

Dear 3CSN Community,

We hope you are doing well. See below for this week’s offerings. Please share with colleagues. We look forward to seeing you in the sessions!

In community,

The 3CSN Team

Tuesdays – Centering Equity
Looking for ways to center equity in all learning spaces?

Tuesday Centering Equity sessions invite you to be the change. In these sessions we will explore ways we can center equity across roles.

Join us on Tuesdays for Equity in Action: Praxis Sessions. See below for more information and to register.

Learn more and register below. Check our website regularly for additional Centering Equity offerings.

Equity in Action: Praxis Sessions

How Do We Support Equity in STEM?
Tuesday, May 4, 10 AM – 11 AM

It has been well established that women and people of color face unique challenges persisting in STEM fields and programs of study. What can we do to change this dynamic? 

Join Nika Hogan (3CSN) and Richard Abdelkerim (Math, Pasadena City College) for a discussion about the challenges and rewards of efforts to create more active, equitable classrooms, and to learn more about 3CSN’s STEM Learning Community opportunity, offered in collaboration with the CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning.


Wednesdays – Practitioners in Community
Looking for ways to broaden your network and learn with others across the state?

Wednesday Practitioners in Community sessions invite you to be connected with others around specific areas of focus.

Join us on alternating Wednesdays for Mindfulness for Educators, Text Talk, and Virtual Community Hour for Classified Professionals. See below for more information and to register.

Learn more and register below. Check our website regularly for additional Practitioners in Community offerings.

Mindfulness for Educators

Restorative Yoga
Wednesday, May 5th, 2 PM to 3 PM

Join Rosabeth Dorfhuber (Faculty, Dept. of Physical Education, Dance & Athletics, Yoga, Stretch & Relaxation, Santa Barbara City College) as she guides us in a restorative yoga session.  Restorative Yoga helps put the body into a deep state of relaxation which eases physical discomfort by helping to bring a sense of calm and peace. 

The poses are held with the support of a variety of props. See the registration link for more detailed information.


Virtual Community Hour for Classified Professionals
Wednesday, May 5th, 3 PM to 4 PM

Join 3CSN Classified Professionals Betina Vallin and Estela Miranda for this space specifically designed to support classified professionals as we navigate this virtual work environment together.


Virtual Community Hour for ePortfolio Practitioners
Wednesday, May 5th, 3 PM to 4 PM

Join 3CSN coordinators Kelan Koning and Diana Bonilla Hein as well as Trang Abeid (Cosumnes River College), and students to share how things are going with your ePortfolio-based course and think through ideas as we approach the final weeks of the semester and plan for the Fall. Interested in learning more about ePortfolios? Feel free to join and engage at whatever level feels best to you.


Thursdays – Learn and Practice
Looking for ways to make Canvas and Zoom more student-centered? Seeking tools to engage students and colleagues online?

Thursday Learn and Practice sessions invite you to be intentional as you learn and practice using online tools to support student success.

Join us weekly for Canvas 102: Student-Centered Design sessions

Learn more and register below. Check our website regularly for additional Learn and Practice offerings.

Canvas 102: Student-Centered Design Sessions – Syllabus
Thursday, 5/6, 10 AM – 11:30 AM

Join Josh Miller (3CSN BSILI 2019 Alum, Communications Department Chair and Peer Online Course Reviewer, LA Valley College) for this Learn & Practice session focused on creating a student-centered syllabus.


Fridays – What’s Happening?: Colleges in Action
Wondering how other campuses in your region and across the state are addressing challenges? Craving opportunities to make broader change at the classroom level or college-wide?

Friday What’s Happening?: Colleges in Action sessions invite you to be supported and be engaged.

Join us for the Learning Assistance Hour, regional meet-ups, civic engagement, and college spotlights.

Learn more and register below. Check our website regularly for additional What’s Happening?: Colleges in Action

Learning Assistance Hour

Tutoring Spaces and Students’ Fear of Judgment: West Los Angeles College & Pasadena City College Spotlight
Friday, May 7, 3 PM – 4 PM

Join Chase Selby (West Los Angeles College) and Giselle Miralles (Pasadena City College) for this presentation that will address the issue of judgement within the tutoring space and institution in general and ask how learning assistance providers can make tutoring a judgement-free zone. This workshop is designed for peer educators (tutors, mentors, coaches, and SI leaders), but all are welcome!

For an extended conversation, participants are also invited to stay for an optional discussion session from 4:00 to 4:30 to continue exploring the questions (and solutions) raised during the presentation and their application in learning assistance/tutoring centers.

For more detailed information about the sessions, visit our website.


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