Canvas Accessibility Support

There isn’t yet a single tool that can identify and correct all accessibility issues in course content (darn it!). To do the job right requires a multi-tool approach. In addition to Ally, currently sponsored by the CCCCO, colleges now have available a couple of great accessibility tools: PopeTech and UDOIT (both free!).

We’re offering a webinar (plus an encore at OTC) so you can see all three tools in action. We’ll talk about pros and cons of each and give you a quick demo.

“Canvas and Your Accessibility Toolbox”

Zoom: Friday, June 4. 3-4pm (Register now)


OTC: Wednesday, June 23, 2-2:50pm

If you’re not able to attend either, read on for a very abbreviated summary. (This info can also be found on the Accessibility tab of the Local POCR Resource Center.)

PopeTech is based on the WAVE tool (my fav, as you may know!) but has the added advantage of being integrated right into the Canvas rich content editor. It makes it super simple for instructors to identify formatting issues and fix them on the spot.

PopeTech is being offered as a simple integration to all our colleges for free through the CCC Accessibility Center.

Request PopeTech. (Don’t be thrown off when you see “Accessibility Guide” as the page title. That’s the tool’s official name.)

– – – – –

UDOIT was created by the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) at the University of Central Florida and will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues.

The big distinction here is you get a course-level report (much like Ally) so you know exactly which pages need attention.

It’s available both as a free open-source option or a premium, cloud-based version. The free version requires hosting, either on your college server or using Heroku, a free cloud-based server option. The premium version includes hosting, enhanced support and better analytics.

You may want to contact your IT department to let them know you’d like them to explore and enable tools beyond the Canvas accessibility checker and Ally.

Please feel free to share this message with your faculty as well.



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