Great Tips to Makeover your Online Etudes Course Site #10

10. Etudes Users Group

There is a wealth of information in the very active users group discussion section.

Any possible issue you may run into probably has a thread dedicated to it. Click the search button in the discussion section and type a few key words to quickly find your answer.

If it isn’t there, post your question and I guarantee you won’t have to wait long for a solution. It’s scary how fast the responses come. You can bookmark particularly helpful topics for future access.

Make sure it’s one of your site tabs by clicking Preferences in the upper right corner. Click the edit icon next to site tabs, highlight Users Group and click the right arrow to move it into your tabs. Join us!

Great Tips to Makeover your Online Etudes Course Site #9

9. Welcome Video

Picture meeting your baby niece for the first time. As you lean over the crib instead of a smiling newborn you see a note stating her name, email address and office hours. Bummer.

Listen up, you are a beautiful, smart, accomplished, amazing person so get out there and share you with your students! A friendly welcome video lets students get to know you and makes a human connection that is sorely missing in many online classes.

They’re easy to make with a webcam and youtube account. Or you can contact Scott in the Digital Design Studio at 310-287-4567 or myself at 310-287-4592 and we’d be happy to assist.

Here’s a wacky one I helped make for Dr. Stephanie White who teaches Sociology –