Professional Learning Week – Etudes Demo with Vivie!

Etudes logo   

Vivie Sinou, Etudes Executive Director of Etudes, Inc., will be presenting an Etudes demonstration on the new gradebook, and other recent features such as audio recording capabilities and Voice Thread.

Vivie Sinou will present and will be available to answer questions and get input from our faculty on Wednesday, August 26, from 3 – 4:30 at West LA College in room GC 160. All District faculty are welcome!

Warning: Grading Discussions Is Bad For Your Health


Discussions can be the heart of an online class. In some cases the message boards are the only place where students can freely communicate with each other on a number of focused topics created by you, the instructor.

In the best of worlds students are engaged in lively discussions, thinking critically as well as getting to know their classmates.

Discussions can also be a grading nightmare. Imagine having 8 topics and requiring 3 posts per topic. Times that number by 30 students. Then times that number by how many classes you’re teaching that semester. You’re talking thousands of posts!

If you read and evaluated each and every post you could easily get overwhelmed and wind up like that poor cat in the picture.

Here are my somewhat controversial grading tips to make life easier. If you have an opinion or another strategy that works for you, please share in the comments section.

*Note these instructions are to be used when grading by category, but they can be modified for grading by forum or topic.

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