Making Your Syllabus Public in Etudes

It’s the time of year when many faculty are planning vacations and looking forward to the end of the semester. It’s a busy, transitional time.

An instructor came to me with an interesting request. She was going on holiday and composing an “out of office” email reply message.

Anticipating requests for her syllabus from current and prospective students, she asked me if there was a way to somehow include a link to the syllabus in her auto reply.

I saw this as an opportunity to share with her a great, if underused, tool in Etudes – the public syllabus feature.

If you make your syllabus public in Etudes anyone can search for it, students, non-students, unicorns, gophers…

I made a couple how to videos, one for faculty showing the process and one to give to students showing how they can find your syllabus. Check them out. Add them to your out of office reply message. It’s a great way to fend off the syllabus hungry hordes.

How to Make Your Syllabus Public in Etudes

How to Search for a Public Syllabus in Etudes


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