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Spotlight on 10-10-10: Communication That Matters

Enhance Interaction in Your Online Course
This week, the California Community Board of Governors convened at Southwestern College. On the agenda was approval of revisions to Title 5 of the California Ed Code. These revisions underscore the importance of regular effective contact between teachers and students, and between students. When teaching online, our course design, as emphasized in Section B of the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric, is an integral part of supporting this interaction.

@ONE’s course, 10-10-10: Communication That Matters, focuses on student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction by walking you through the first ten minutes, ten hours, and ten days of your course from the student’s perspective.

In this course, you’ll work with a cohort of your peers to assess your Canvas course–from the home page to assignment and discussion design–looking at concrete ways to improve your course design, enhance student engagement, and create a learning community. Register now for 10-10-10–the next course begins Monday, September 24.

Spotlight on Digital Citizenship
Prepare Your Students for the Digital Era

What does it mean to be a good citizen in a digital society? Why is it important for educators to cultivate a digital presence and encourage students to participate in the public web? How do online courses create opportunities for enhancing our understanding of 21st century skills?

Kristin Smith, faculty at City College of San Francisco, had the opportunity to explore these provocative questions as a participant in the new @ONE Digital Citizenship course. Read Kristin’s reflections in this @ONE blog post and consider why digital citizenship is a core skill for 21st century educators.

Ready to explore your own digital citizenship? Register now for the next offering, which starts Monday, September 24.

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3CSN Fall Regional Sharing Summit Near You!

Empowering Inclusive Learning

3CSN Fall Regional Sharing Summit

October 12th

Pasadena City College, Pasadena


The summit will be a working session that will allow participants to build knowledge, relationships and learning tools through active engagement and team time in support of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office’s Vision for Success. The day will be focused on the following: 

·        Developing and building relational trust with colleagues

·        Deepening knowledge around

1) Learning about Learning,
2) Designing for Inclusive Collaboration and
3) Empowering Students, thereby building 
capacity to meet your student success goals 

·        Developing connections to the larger California Community College network through shared learning

 Questions? Contact events@3csn.org

Join the CCC Canvas Home Base!

Dear Instructors,

Heard about the Canvas Community yet? (Even if you have, keep reading because there’s something new!)

The Community is THE place to go to find answers, share ideas and connect with other like-minded educators around using Canvas most effectively.

There’s even a CCC Canvas Community within the larger community just for us! Our CCC Community has been newly redesigned as our Canvas Home Base to make it a more powerful, streamlined gateway to the plethora of Canvas resources available to you.

We’d love to use this as a primary way to connect the whole state so we can leverage all the passion and innovation we’ve got going on in our CCC system around Canvas!

In order to do that, we need you to join the group. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost a dime.

Join the CCC Canvas Home Base!

Our Home Base is publicly viewable, but you will need to “Join” to participate and be notified about new content and events (which is what makes it fun).

1.  Go to https://community.canvaslms.com/groups/ccc

2.  Ensure you have created a Community Profile. See How do I log into the Community with my Canvas Account?

3.  Use the “Actions” menu to Join the group!

Once you’re part of the CCC Canvas Home Base, you can add your voice by responding to the Can-Curious Question of the Month (or post an introduction or submit a feature request or join a discussion or . . .).

See you there!

P.S. We want to encourage everyone to get in the habit of tagging your posts and feature ideas with #CCC. Makes it easy for all of us to find things related to CCCs.

Stacey Carrasco
Senior Program Coordinator for Professional Development
California Community Colleges’
Online Education Initiative / Online Network of Educators (@ONE)

OEI Accessibility Resource

OEI Accessibility Logo with honey bee on a hexagonal grid resembling honeycomb.

The Online Education Initiative has created some fantastic ADA informational modules for Canvas. Here is the link to self-enroll:


Included is information on how to create accessible materials (word documents, pdfs,  videos, PowerPoints, etc.) and a basic overview of the essential tools and techniques for ensuring your courses are accessible.

Take advantage of this great free resource!

@ONE Canvas Conference – Call for Proposals

As May brings more sun and glimpses of the end of the term, it’s also a great time to plan for summer and fall. Start preparing your proposal for Can•Innovate, our free online conference on October 26th; register for our summer line-up of online courses; and join us this week for our First Friday kick-off!

Friday, October 26, 2018 • 9 AM – 5 PM • Online

Save the date! 
@ONE is coordinating a free online conference for October 26, 2018 that will showcase all of the great ways Canvas is being used across our system to support student success. With a dedicated team of CCC faculty and staff, we are hard at work planning the details and setting the stage for you. To make it a memorable day, we need you to share the great work you are doing with Canvas. Submit your proposal today!

Learn More & Submit a Proposal

What’s in Your Summer Plans?

Basking on the beach in the warm California sun, hiking in the grandeur of the California redwoods, and learning with your network of peers in @ONE courses! The summer schedule is here, and you won’t want to miss it!

Register Now!

First Fridays Start This Week

Join @ONE and your CCC peers across the state on the first Friday of the month from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. Each First Friday event will showcase a theme related to teaching and learning in the digital era and be supported by two 45-minute webinars. The first one is this week!

May 4 – How Can I Teach This Online? 

June 1 – Course Design Showcase: Interactions