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Carpe Diem.

Enroll by Wednesday, 10/11 @ 11 PM for Fall courses.

Assessing Digital Learning

Online assessment does not have to be limited to multiple choice quizzes. In this 4-week course, explore how to create engaging and robust assessments in Canvas that inspire your students and allow you to gauge student understanding. You’ll create an assessment plan that includes provocative discussions, formative assessments with meaningful feedback for you and your students, rubrics to help your grading, and summative assessments that capture higher-order thinking, and you’ll build assessments in a Canvas Sandbox, because we know that practicing in Canvas is the best way to learn.
10/16 – 11/10
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Creating Accessible Course Content

Accessibility does not have to be frustrating. This 4-week course will walk you through the technical aspects of creating fully accessible courses in Canvas. You’ll work in a Canvas Sandbox to learn how to best use the Canvas Rich Content editor to build fully accessible content, and you’ll learn techniques for retro-fitting existing content and testing the accessibility of resources you find online. The best part? You get to take the fully accessible content you create, and your Sandbox, with you when you’re done!
10/16 – 11/10
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Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

If you’ve been wondering how to begin your online course, this is the course for you. This 4-week exploration of online teaching and learning will help you begin your plan for developing your online course, introduce you to the major regulations you’ll need to know when designing your course, and get you started on your online syllabus and welcome letter.
10/16 – 11/10
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