OER Jan-Feb Newsletter

Welcome Back!

A belated Happy New Year! Whether you are weeks into the term, just starting, or you still have a few weeks off, it is not too soon to start thinking about using open educational resources in the future – or taking your use to the next level. And if any of these things are on your mind, please reach out to your local OER Liaison or directly to us for assistance. During the Spring 2020 term, we will highlight OER resources and approaches to OER use to, hopefully, inspire increased use.

  • OERI 2019 RFP Completed Projects – And 2020 Awards •

The finalized projects from our 2019 RFP are now in the hands of reviewers. We hope to be sharing these products by the end of February. We learned a lot through this process that will impact how we support our new awardees.

Our 162 Letters of Intent to Submit yielded 64 responses to the 2020 Request for Proposals. A review team was convened in mid-January to review the responses and, in the weeks since, we have been working to get clarifications on some proposals and are still in the midst of this process. But we are pleased to announce that we will be funding 24 of the proposals.

We will soon be determining how best to support these awardees and will be making professional development opportunities available to all of our faculty.

  • New OER for Your Consideration – Anthropology and Child Development/Early Childhood Education 

We’re pleased to share that “EXPLORATIONS: An Open Invitation To Biological  Anthropology” is now available for your consideration and adoption. ASCCC OERI supported the development of ancillaries for this text as part of the 2019 RFP, so additional resources will soon be available to facilitate your adoption.

In addition to “Child Growth and Development” (C-ID CDEV 100), College of the Canyons has now made a text titled “Introduction to Curriculum for Early Childhood Education” (C-ID ECE 130). Currently, both can be accessed at the College of the Canyons ZTC site or at LibreTexts where they can be customized.

  • OERI Weekly Webinars, Thursdays, 1pm-2pm 

OERI Weekly Webinars are intended for a diverse audience. We hope you will all join us! Please share with your colleagues

February 6, 2020 | Register Now!

ASCCC OERI Spring 2020 – An Update

The OERI formally launched just a year ago. What have we accomplished during that time – and what do we have planned for 2020? Join us for an overview of accomplishments, resources, and future directions.

February 13, 2020 | Register Now!

CCC “Marking” of No-Cost Course Sections – An SB 1359 Update

One semester after the requirement to mark no-cost course sections in our online schedules when into effect, the ASCCC implemented what would be a yearly survey to track the use of this designation. What do the Fall 2019 data indicate regarding local practices?

February 20, 2020 | Register Now!

Where did that come from? Ownership and Attributions in OER

Creating an OER does not mean you create something and put it out in the ether without any recognition of your authorship. All Creative Commons licenses require the inclusion of an attribution. Why is this important and how do you handle attributions when you are creating a new resource from a variety of existing resources?

February 27, 2020 | Register Now!

Open Forum

Questions? Ideas? Join us in this Open Forum where you direct the conversation.

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phone: 916.445.4753  fax: 916.323.9867


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