Wayfinding Online: Navigating the Virtual Landscape Together Zoom Session Schedule 6.2.20 – 6.5.20

Dear 3CSN Wayfinding Community,

We hope you are taking good care of yourselves and your loved ones in these heavy times that remind us just how vitally important our work is. As educators, we have the opportunity to transform ourselves, our institutions, and the lives of the students we serve which, in turn, will transform the world around us. This is infinitely more possible if we join together as a community.

We wanted to give you some important updates about the Series.

Beginning this week, sessions will be held Tuesday through Friday. We will not hold sessions on Mondays over the summer.
We will not be holding sessions June 8-12 in preparation for our summer schedule beginning June 16th.
Beginning June 16th, we will be adding 90-minute “Learn and Practice” sessions that will provide opportunity, as the title suggests, to learn and then to do some rapid prototyping in community with educators across the state. More information about this will be provided next week– stay tuned!
Beginning in July we will be offering several multi-part “Design Labs” that will allow participants to delve more deeply into design work in areas such as learning assistance, leadership, partnerships between students and educators, e-portfolios, and course design.
For your convenience, we’ve highlighted some of this week’s free one-hour sessions below. You can now register in advance or answer a few questions and enter the session. We look forward to seeing you there!

Canvas 102: Syllabus – Tuesday, 6/2, 10:30 AM
Looking for ways to ensure you won’t have to put the phrase “It’s on the syllabus” on repeat? We’re here to help! Join Josh Miller, Los Angeles Valley College Communications Studies Chair, as he shares tips that can enhance your student’s understanding of, and engagement with, this essential document.

Virtual Library Hour: “Transferable Skills: CSUN’s Library for CCC Students” – Tuesday, 6/2, 12 PM
Join CSU Northridge librarians Laura Wimberley and Jamie Johnson for this important discussion of how universities and and community colleges can coordinate to prepare transfer students to succeed.


Mindfulness for Educators – Tuesday, 6/2 & Thursday, 6/4, 5 PM
Looking for ways to be more centered, resilient, peaceful, kind, and present for your students and yourself? Join 3CSN coordinator Sarah Sullivan and educators across the state in this intentional space to practice mindful breathing, reflective journaling, and heart sharing.

Virtual Brown Bag Hour: Counseling Online: Cranium Cafe – Wednesday, 6/3, 12:00 PM
Join Los Angeles Community College District counselors Adrienne Brown, Phyllis Braxton, along with 3CSN & LA College Promise coordinator Joanna Zimring Towne, for this popular session on all things Cranium Cafe from a practitioner’s point of view.


Canvas 102: Rubrics – Wednesday, 6/3, 1:30 PM
Join 3CSN coordinator Nicole Bryant Lescher for this essential session on the ins and outs of creating rubrics on Canvas.

Virtual Community Hour : “Text Talk” – Wednesday, 6/3, 3 PM
Join 3CSN coordinators Rachel Ketai and Sarah Sullivan for this weekly hour of text-centered engagement with readings selected to support educators and students alike in navigating this challenging time together.

Equity in Action: Praxis Sessions – “Finding Our Way to a More Just Assessment Practice: Co-Creating Rubrics” – Thursday, 6/4, 10 AM
Join Gavilan College English faculty Scott Sandler for this thought-provoking session followed by reflection and discussion facilitated by 3CSN Coordinators Nika Hogan and Lauren Servais.


Virtual Community Brown Bag Hour: Supporting Student Athletes
Thursday, 6/4, 12 PM
How do we support student athletes in a time of virtual education? Join Joanna Zimring Towne for this discussion-based session.


Zoom 102: Recording and Reports – Friday, 6/5, 10:30 AM
Ready to take your Zoom skills up a notch to support your work with students? Join 3CSN Communications Coordinator Kelan Koning for this interactive session.

Canvas 102: Accessibility – Friday, 6/5, 12 PM
Join Josh Miller, Los Angeles Valley College Communications Studies Chair, as he shares tips to make your Canvas course accessible.

Virtual Community Hour for Learning Assistance: A Read Together and Round Table Discussion for Peer Educators – Friday, 6/5, 3 PM
Join 3CSN coordinator Crystal Kiekel and Pierce College tutors for this rare opportunity to read and discuss about topics relevant to the field.

For our full schedule, please click on the button below to visit our website at http://3csn.org/

Zoom Sessions

Having trouble going through the mountains of resources coming your way? We’re here to help! We’ve consolidated our FAQs, Community Support Padlets, and video archives into one resource page (https://bit.ly/2WHKWdP)!

Do you have an idea or area of expertise to share with the field? Did you do something great based on ideas sparked by the Series? Is there a session you’d love to see that hasn’t been offered yet? Have other questions or thoughts? Please email us at ask@3csn.org!
Take good care of yourselves and others. We look forward to seeing you in our Wayfinding sessions this week.

In community,

Deborah Harrington, Ed.D.
Executive Director
California Community Colleges’ Success Network (3CSN)


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