Great Tips to Makeover your Online Etudes Course Site #8

8. Random Draw / Paste and Import

Still worried about academic dishonesty? Here’s a way to keep the cheaters at bay.

Find a test bank from your textbook publisher. Most of them give you access through the publisher website. Copy and paste a boatload of questions from the bank into a word file (lets pretend they’re from Chapter 1 of the book). Click on Assignments, Tests and Surveys and click Question Pools near the top of the screen. Click on Import then Paste Questions & Import. Click View Instructions near the top left and follow the directions on re-formatting the questions in your word file. The re-formatting is time consuming, but well worth it.

Once your questions have been formatted correctly, copy and paste them into the text box then click Ok. Check the little box next to the new question pool called untitled then click the edit icon that looks like a sprocket to the right. Re-title the pool Chapter 1 or Quiz 1, give it a point value of 1 (points per question) then click Done. Click Assessments near the top and Add near the left. Give the test a title like Chapter 1 Quiz. In the Questions section click Draw. Next to your new pool type the number of questions (lets say 10) you want to draw from it then click Done. You now have a test that randomly picks 10 questions from your pool.

The more questions you have in the pool makes it less likely your students will have identical questions on their quiz and harder to share answers.


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