ASCCC OER Newsletter September 2019

Greetings local OER advocates!

Please note that we have a new tinyurl for accessing our Canvas space – – and we have some new features.  If you, or your colleagues, are “registering” at the site in order to participate in Discussions, please use the same log-in that you use to log into your local Canvas instance. This will simplify access and prevent the complexities associated with having multiple accounts.

OER Opportunities

The OERI is currently seeking faculty to serve in a variety of roles. This application process will create a pool of faculty from which we will select reviewers for newly developed resources, so we have a true need for a faculty from a broad array of disciplines – including those who may or may not have experience with OER.

The ASCCC OERI Application can be completed through October 25. Interested faculty will need to complete BOTH the OERI application and the ASCCC Faculty Application for Statewide Service.

The OERI Application is also available via The ASCCC Application is also available

Save the Date – Discipline-Specific OER Discussion and/or Development

We will be holding two one-day events at the end of October. Each will be an open meeting of faculty in the selected disciplines who will be sharing OER, discussing OER needs, and/or developing OER. Liaisons are more than welcome to attend – and we will be counting on you to recruit the appropriate faculty.

Friday, October 25 – Sacramento

Saturday, October 26 – Anaheim

 Disciplines –

  • Accounting
  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Music
  • Nursing
  • Psychology


OERI Weekly Webinars, Thursdays, 1pm-2pm

OERI Weekly Webinars are intended for a diverse audience. We hope you will all join us!

October 3, 2019 | Register Now

Finding OER – and Can you Create a Hybrid?

How do you find OER to incorporate into your courses and can you mix open resources with those that carry a traditional copyright? Join us for an overview of how – and where – to search for resources and a discussion of effective approaches to mixing resources that are licensed differently.

October 10, 2019 | Register Now          

Finding Body Parts – OER for Anatomy

Disciplines that rely on visual content can create a unique challenge when adopting OER. This interactive session will discuss approaches to addressing this challenge in the specific context of an anatomy course.

October 17, 2019 | Register Now

Sharing Your OER – From creating it to letting other people judge your baby

After authoring a resource that you intend to make open, how do you get past your shyness about sharing it and contributing to the OER universe? This session will explore the topic from varied perspectives, including one author’s journey, approaches to providing effective feedback, and a discussion of how the OERI can help.

October 24 2019 | Register Now

Creative Commons, Copyright, and Fair Use – Why do we need OER?

What is the difference between free content, open content, and fair use? Educators often overestimate what they can do with the fair use copyright exception and underestimate their options with open resources.  Join us to learn about the requirements of fair use as well as how to interpret Creative Commons licenses.

October 31, 2019 | Register Now

Open Forum

Each month we will reserve one webinar to be an “open forum”. We’ll be prepared to discuss the latest hot topics from our vantage point and ready and willing to hear – and discuss – what’s on your mind.

Selena Silva

Administrative Assistant

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

One Capitol Mall, Suite 230, Sacramento, CA 95814


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